Stucco / Moisture

A major problem of a building’s envelope is moisture intrusion. A moisture intrusion evaluation is particularly important for stucco structures.

Traditional stucco (also called European stucco or “hardcoat” stucco), as well as synthetic stucco (EIFS such as “Dryvit” brand stucco) can be prone to moisture and water damage, greatly affecting the value and saleability of a property.

Cardinal Home Inspections is an authorized inspector for the MoistureFree Warranty (MFW) program. After inspection and any necessary repairs of a home made with stucco construction, your property can receive a MoistureFree Warranty. It is a certificate that assures realtors, homeowners, and buyers that the home is FREE OF MOISTURE today and for the life of the warranty.

With a MoistureFree Warranty, a home can sell up to 50% faster, and retain or even improve the market value of a property by 3%-16% of the sale price!