New Home Construction Inspections

New home construction inspections require a different set of qualifications and skills than do existing home inspections. Experience, background, additional and on-going training, a broader knowledge base of building standards and practices plus a more flexible approach to documentation and reporting is mandatory.

These are areas in which we excel.

Cardinal Home Inspections performs various types of inspections relative to new home construction. Whether it is the complete project or a one-time inspection of specific elements or areas of concern, we are committed to quality performance and your satisfaction. Cardinal Home Inspections offers a range of services in new home inspection that is unparalleled.

Cardinal Home Inspections will act as a third party advisor in a team effort with buyers, bankers, builders or brokers to produce a better product for you. These inspections will function as an additional quality control, helping you to avoid costly errors, delays, disputes, and misunderstandings.
What We Offer

Phase Inspections

In phase inspections, the work is examined at each phase to see if acceptable industry standards have been met.

End of Construction Inspections

When the home is completed, we will perform a final inspection to evaluate the overall project. If discrepancies are found, you will receive a check-list from us to submit to your builder.

One-Year Warranty Inspections

After one year, both home and homeowner have had a chance to “settle in”. We will inspect the structure’s overall performance in addition to any concerns in need of correction.