Mediation & Arbitration as Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

For the purpose of fact-finding, Cardinal Home Inspections for third-party forensic inspection is the answer. When negotiation between a contactor or builder and an owner breaks down, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a positive alternative to litigation. For detailed mediation or even arbitration, we use our authoritative experience in the industry to help all parties involved.

“Building Consultants” and “Expert Witnesses” have become very important resources in solving problems. They investigate, review and evaluate technical issues and report their findings and opinions so that a conclusion can be reached. Cardinal Home Inspections takes on that role very seriously. We keep an open mind and pay attention to every detail so that an honest and objective conclusion will be reached. This conclusion is based upon facts, professional judgment, experience, and education.

Before accepting any assignments, we look for potential or perceived conflicts of interest and we will turn down the offer if a conflict of interest is discovered. We even know our limitations and we will tell you if your situation or case is beyond our expertise. We do not rely on outside “experts” whom others may hire for assistance.

Our inspection services can also be useful as quality control assurance for building a home, remodeling, and is especially helpful when working with multiple contractors. Click HERE for more details.